10 of My Favourite Albums of All Time!

As a huge music fan (and a musician myself) I love immersing myself in the sounds of a great album, whether it’s sticking on the headphones in my room or blaring out a new CD (I love CDs) in the car.

I suppose soulful RnB/Pop would be a good description for my favourite genre of music. I’m pretty open minded and also love pure, acoustic music that has little production to hide behind and showcases an artist’s real talent.

Thinking about who to include in this post was tricky, but I’ve picked out my all-time favourites as well as some albums that I’ve enjoyed a lot over the past few years, and some that take me back to particularly special times in my life.

If you’re into this type of music, here are my recommendations:

Firstly, my Top 3…

Jessie Ware – Tough Love This has to be my favourite album of all time and Jessie is my absolute idol. I love her silky smooth vocals and probably listened to this album on repeat about 10 times when it was released back in 2014. I’m gutted that I haven’t seen her live yet, but hopefully when she next starts touring again (she’s just had a little bebe) I’ll be able to get tickets.

The 1975 – The 1975 Probably my favourite band. I can’t get enough of their guitar riffs and their songs have such a distinct sound – Chocolate and Sex are up there with my favourite songs of all time. I saw them a couple of years ago at Heaven, one of London’s great gig spots, and there’s no music that makes me want to get up and have a dance more!

Josh Record – Pillars Josh Record is an absolute dream and underrated in my opinion. I was lucky enough to catch him live a few years ago when he supported Sam Smith at Shepherd’s Bush – an amazing surprise! His harmonies have helped send me to sleep many times.

Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill A classic from the coolest woman on earth.

Lianne La Havas – Is Your Love Big Enough? An album that inspired much of my own songwriting.

Adele – 25 Not much needed to say. Saw her in Lisbon back in May as a Christmas present from my boyfriend – one of the most emotional evenings of my life! Perhaps due to this, 25 has to be my favourite album of hers.

Alicia Keys – The Diary of Alicia Keys My childhood favourite – I just wanted to be her!

Kwabs – Love & War Great for a belt in the car, and fabulous dance moves from him and his backing singers.

Lucy Rose – Work It Out A reminder of last Summer, including my best friend’s wedding and my first date with my boyfriend, Dan. The latter took place at Sound Knowledge, a great independent record store in Marlborough that regularly hosts intimate gigs from great artists, recently including Izzy Bizu and Tom Odell.

Izzy Bizu – A Moment of Madness A new favourite! Such a talented vocalist with a beautiful, rich, jazzy tone. Also great for a belt in the Clio.

And a few other ones to mention, because there were too many…

Years & Years – Years & Years

Prides – The Way Back Up

Hozier – Take Me To Church

If you’re a fan of any of these artists yourself or have any recommendations for me, I’d love to hear!


A Weekend in Dorset

For my first proper post I wanted to tell you about a few places I visited on recent weekend away with my boyfriend, Dan, to celebrate his birthday.

After hearing how charming the coastal town of Swanage is I decided to book us a night at a lovely B&B a few minutes from the sea, hoping we’d catch the last of the Summer weather.

Unfortunately, the Saturday that we travelled down proved to be one of the wettest, windiest days we’d had in months! We spent the majority of the day hobbling around the cobbles under our umbrellas, doing our best to ignore the weather and still enjoy the surroundings and cute independent shops Swanage has to offer.


Luckily we found a lovely little cafe called LoveCake, where we took refuge for a couple of hours and had an absolute beast of a brunch…


LoveCake caters for breakfasts and afternoon tea to full dinners, and had an amazing range of homemade goodies. There were a tonne of beautiful cakes and pastries to choose from, also providing a range of gluten-free and healthier options. My hefty bacon baguette just had to be polished off with one of their awesome peanut butter blondies. If you’re planning a trip to Swanage soon, I’d highly recommend popping in here for a coffee and cake refuel!

As we approached check-in time at our pretty B&B, The Swanage Haven, the sun was finally starting to come out. We were pretty exhausted by all the fun and games with the weather by this point, so when the lovely manager, David, suggested use of the B&B hot tub, it was a saviour! With an honesty bar set up in the cosy lounge area, we helped ourselves to a drink and soaked up an hour of sun on the garden terrace.

Drinks in Hot Tub.jpg

That night we had a pretty disappointing dinner in Swanage town centre, so we woke on Sunday a little overexcited for the highly-rated breakfast offered at our B&B. They had a big variety of breakfast snacks at the buffet (including take-away homemade brownies… wow!) and also provided cooked options from eggs florentine to a full-English. Personally, the tasty homemade bread and jams, and an amazing fruit platter did it for me.



How great is this?!

Relieved at Sunday’s much more positive weather forecast, we decided we wanted to set out on a walk to see more of Dorset’s sites. David recommended that we take a trip to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, detouring through an intriguing village called Tyneham that was abandoned during the second world war.

We took a walk up and over the cliff to Durdle Door, where the views were just incredible. If you’re planning to go (which you should), I’d recommend trainers… and a decent breakfast – it’s quite a trek up that hill!


I can safely say that I have never witnessed such beautiful scenery in England before! The sea was unbelievably clear and a beautiful turqoise that rivalled the Med. Coupled with amazing sunny skies, I could have stayed there forever.



Durdle Door beach

Envious of people swimming through the door, and regretting not packing our swimsuits, we decided to seize the moment and take a dip in our clothes/boxers. I’m sure we looked like nutters jumping into the freezing cold water and making way more fuss than any of the under-10s swimming there, but it was our best decision of the day!

After all of the excitement and energy expended, it was obviously time for more food. We had a quick drink on the terrace of the Lulworth Cove Inn, followed by a bag of fish and chips (a new favourite of mine) down on the cove, to finish the weekend off perfectly.

If you’re looking for ideas for a weekend away by the seaside, or want to see more of the the beautiful South, I’d really recommend visiting West Lulworth and seeing its beauty for yourselves! I can promise that you won’t be disappointed.



Welcome to my Blog!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my brand new shiny blog!

I’ve been wanting to set this up for a long time now and have finally mustered up the courage to create a home for all of my weird and wonderful thoughts.

Me, Myself & Ice Cream’ reflects the basis of my blog; a little insight into things I encounter, discover, and feel passionate about – primarily, Ice Cream. From amazing places I visit, right down to an obsession with a newly-discovered baked item (it does happen), anything I write about will come from a genuine interest or excitement.

My goal is solely to share and interact with like-minded people; I’m no expert in anything I blog about, but I enjoy discussing my own tips, ideas and challenges with anyone who’s interested!

You’ll find bits and bobs on food, health, fitness, music, travel and more, and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading what I have to say.

If you want to know a little more about me and where I come from, head over to my ‘About Me‘ page where you’ll find a short bio.

Happy reading!

Mel x