Welcome to Winchester, Open House Deli!

At a recent networking event held by my good friend Emma of Women Who Do, I met the lovely Rebecca, who recently left the corporate world behind to pursue her dream of opening her own deli in the heart of Winchester. As a huge foodie myself and always keen to back ambitious ideas, I wanted to know more about Rebecca’s story. We met for coffee at The Dispensary Kitchen (one of my favourite coffee spots in Winchester), where she told me all about her exciting new business…


Previously a marketer based in London who travelled across the country a lot for business, Rebecca had a passion for food and sustainability and wanted to take this further in her hometown.

Those of you who know Winchester will probably agree that we’re very lucky to have a great coffee scene and good choice of pubs and restaurants. But the options for fresh grab-and-go food remain somewhat limited, with the big chains still many people’s go-to for takeaway sandwiches and salads.

This is the space Rebecca aims to fill with Open House Deli – a concept based on healthy food that is locally-sourced and centres around an environmentally-friendly foundation, without high costs for customers – yay!

The Open House Deli stall has been up and running at Winchester market for a few weeks now, offering an amazing choice of salads and sweet treats. Most of these foods are also vegan friendly, though this wasn’t a conscious effort from Rebecca, who simply aims to offer healthy, fresh foods.

I tried out some of the Open House Deli goodies recently – highly recommend the snickers bars!


In the not-so-distant future, Rebecca aims to to open her own permanent space in Winchester city centre, where she’ll supply the same great foods for eating in or grabbing-to-go, as well as supplying local ingredients like nuts and coffee beans that customers can take home.

I’ve been lucky to meet some amazing people in the year-and-a-bit I’ve lived in Winchester, and meeting Rebecca – a lady who has given up a great career and an exciting London lifestyle to make a career out of a concept she’s passionate about – has been so refreshing. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2018 brings for OpenHouse deli!

You can find the stall in Winchester high-street every Wednesday and Friday for all your healthy eating needs!








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