The Art of Balance

For my first blog post in 7 months, I decided to write about something a bit different – something I feel will be very relatable to lots of people, also contributes to why I haven’t written for so long…

How many times have you written yourself a page-long To-Do list for the day, only to end up substituting stuff you needed to do with something ‘easier’?

Some days I’m the queen of multitasking, putting my fingers in lots of pies and feeling like a total girl boss for completing a ton of things.

Other times, I’d rather lie on the sofa and watch episodes of Eat Well For Less that I’ve already seen before, because the thought of actually getting on with what needs to be done is far too mentally strenuous.

Without sounding like the ‘I’m so busy I don’t have time for anything’ stereotype, I feel pretty busy. I have a busy job, always schedule in an hour a day for the gym/yoga, am studying for a degree-level course in Marketing, and also clinging on to that childhood dream of being a successful songwriter. This is along with generally wanting to be awesome at everything and juggling the grown-up tasks required when moving out of your family home, which I have recently learned.

Phew. I feel exhausted just thinking about it, and am already reminding myself of things I must get done later.

But luckily, I’m starting to learn that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and good things take time.

I’m also realising that it’s just not realistic to expect so highly of yourself that even you know you won’t be able to fit everything in. Queue the art of balance.

My boyfriend frequently reminds me that it’s better to plan a couple of important tasks that I know I should be able to finish than to rush through 5 or 6 things. Now, my weekday strategy is to use my snazzy Collins To-Do pads to lay out my main priorities for the day, with rough timescales for how long I’d like to spend on these things, and scheduled time away from my laptop to take a breather.

For me, having balance in my life is absolutely key. I’m just not one of those people who can work through the night or skip meals to get more done – and I’m also not willing to. In the end, I believe this will lead to a burn-out, poorer performance and cause unnecessary stress.

This is one reason that I cherish my beloved gym visits. No, I don’t ‘need’ to workout every day, and there are days when I decide to stay home and chill instead, but essentially, the gym – and yoga especially – provides a break from the outside world that allows me to reboot. Plus, the endorphins are so real!

Having this balance in my life allows me to embrace being ‘imperfect’ and encourages me to give myself a break when I don’t feel like I should – I’m sure a lot of people reading will be able to relate to this.

Dog with macaroons

How do you find balance in your life?


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