Cafe Love: The Delights of Eliane

I’m a big fan of a decent coffee shop and Eliane, a unique little cafe/restaurant near to where I live, has become one of my local favourites.

One of the reasons I love Eliane is because of their dedication to using top-quality ingredients in their food. As a health-conscious business they use organic and local ingredients wherever possible, and I love that they do their bit to support local businesses.

A lot of their amazing cakes and biscuits use the ‘better’ ingredients – sugar alternatives like maple syrup and coconut sugar, and allergen-friendly flours for those with allergies or intolerences.

Eliane Coffee and Cakes.jpg

A chocoholic’s dream – Mocha, Chocolate Flapjack & Dark Chocolate Brownie

Everything they serve is homemade on site so whatever you order, it’s always nice and fresh.

On one of my recent visits, I drank what I told the waitress was the best mocha I’d ever had, and I’m a BIG fan of a mocha! I like to imagine myself as a bit of a connoisseur and it definitely ticked my boxes of frothiness, smoothness and coffee/chocolate balance (I personally like mine to be a little more on the chocolatey side), plus the actual coffee tasted supreme.


Delish 🙂

Working from home, I find it helpful to get out of the house sometimes and plonk myself in a nice spot where I can really focus and hopefully get some inspiration too. On a recent Tuesday morning I had one of Eliane’s breakfast omelettes along with a beetrooty juice. I can be a bit of an egg snob, but the omelette was top notch! Definitely a recommendation for anyone seeking a good brunch in Hungerford.

Mac in Eliane_Fotor.jpg


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